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Natalia Kapchuk’s The Lost Planet Exhibition Hosted a Captivating Panel Discussion on the Issues Plaguing the Earth

As a part of The Lost Planet solo exhibition at the Unit X art space in London, philanthropist and artist Natalia Kapchuk hosted a panel discussion “Is This Planet Earth’s Dying Century?” with the support of FprBuro Communications Agency. Among the guest speakers and experts were former Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Politician Barry Gardiner MP, Director of The Royal Geographical Society Professor Joe Smith, Director of Philanthropy at Earthwatch Europe Dr. Neil Bailey, and Assistant Director of Plastic Oceans Europe Juan Castaño Vilas. The moderator for the panel was TV presenter and BBC journalist, Samantha Simmonds.


Panel Discussion during Natalia Kapchuk’s exhibition

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Открытие выставки The Lost Planet Натальи Капчук в Лондоне

14 октября, в арт-пространстве Unit X в Лондоне состоялось торжественное открытие выставки The Lost Planet художника Натальи Капчук при информационной и кураторской поддержке FprBuro Communications Agency.

Наталья Капчук

Наталья Капчук